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We’re taking it back a notch with an old-school vibe of the early years of riding when bikers huddled up around the campfire sharing tales, grub and good times. It is a rendezvous, a camp out, a great way to get out and ride. This is a no frills, just the thrill of the back road rendezvous in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. This is primarily a tent and bonfire adventure mixed with home-style grub at our cast iron cookout, kumbaya moments and hopefully someone will pack a guitar or flute. Yeah, it’s gonna get a little hippy-dippy and sometimes down and dirty but that’s the old school way. Keepin’ it real.

Now for the modern twist. We are excited to team up with Rever and Butler to create a unique Texas Hill Country Experience. Registrants can join up for a Mileage Challenge using the Rever App. We have a really cool community page with featured rides. The Mileage Challenge will go up the week of the Oxford Ranch Rendezvous™.

Oxford Ranch Rendezvous™ is all about the ride. Whether you are there to rendezvous with old friends or ride those familiar roads, you will enjoy this unique bike enthusiast experience. Oxford Ranch Rendezvous™ is open to all types of bikers.

Event Site:
Oxford Ranch Rendezvous

11380 S State Highway 16
Llano, Texas 78643

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