Use this QR LINK
• You must be tracking in the app for the POIs to record.
• You must be joined to the Challenge for the POIs to count.
• The app will grab the POIs as long as you are tracking. Doesn’t matter if you have cell service.
• You can even track in airplane mode if you wanted to.
• I would suggest you record two rides, one before lunch and one after. That helps the leaderboard populate. Make sure to refresh to see your points.
• At the end of the day make sure you stop recording and save your ride by 5:30 pm. Good wifi helps push the data up to the server and the leaderboard. We have great cell service at Oxford Ranch Campground.
• The challenge will disappear from phones at 6 p.m. Saturday, but can be viewed on the website in PAST Challenges under the Challenges tab.
• If you really care about winning, take a photo at each POI as backup.
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