Hill Country Scramble

Spring 2020 REVER Mileage Challenge

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 4.41.18 PM

The Hill Country Scramble takes us from the old school campfires and kumbaya out in to the mod world of app adventures. The Routes we offer up are for dual and cruiser but the Hill Country Scramble will be fair and square so that both dual and street can compete.

The Hill Country Scramble will take place between Saturday, April 25, 20202 from 6 AM to 5 PM. Anyone can join the challenge but you must be at the Rendezvous to win. The Winner is selected on POI’s collected.


Don’t have the REVER app? Here’s a link to follow!

38041947_1950407911676042_2014732874669883392_nGRAND PRIZE: TBA

You will need the REVER app to compete and we will be tracking your moves!

A QR Code will be provided two weeks prior to the event.


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