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Thinking outside the box…

Today I am giving my Kudo’s award to Javelina Harley Davidson for thinking outside
the box. The Oxford Ranch Rendezvous was not the original vision but as the Ramble unraveled, I found the keywords to describe my vision.

What Inspires Us…

Open Roads…Community…Campfires. Three years ago when we started working on this non-event, we looked to our inspirations…the innovators, the adventurers and the newbies. The visionaries who put the parts together and created a two wheel odyssey for the few of us brave enough to… Continue Reading “What Inspires Us…”

The F-A-Q-s

PRE-REGISTRATION FOR ORR CAMPING STARTS AUGUST 1!* Oxford Ranch Rendezvous, formally known as Back Roads Ramble, is getting warmed up as we gather coordinates, bring in partners and supporters plus get y’all revved up for a new kind of motorcycle meet up in the… Continue Reading “The F-A-Q-s”

The Rever Challenge

In 8 months the Texas Hill Country is going to be woken up with a new kind of motorcycle event that takes place on Oxford Ranch Campground, a private 160 acre ranch just 15 minutes south of Llano, Texas. In an attempt to keep… Continue Reading “The Rever Challenge”