The long road…

The long road may be straightforward but on a REVER challenge, you just never know what you will get. The Texas Hill Country is a compilation of twists, turns, bumps, ditches, paved, dirt, high and low roads. We give you the POI’s and you get an adventure in trade.

Our newest spokesperson for the Rendezvous is the infamous and slowly becoming famous Texas Tramper, Shana. She’s an open-minded and eyes-wide-open gal with her very own perspective on products, bike events and rides. We are excited to be bringing Shana on board as a sponsor and representative.

The Rendezvous

We’re taking it back a notch with an old-school vibe of the early years of riding when bikers huddled up around the campfire sharing tales, grub and good times. It is a rendezvous, a camp out, a great way to get out and ride. This is a no frills, just the thrill of the back road rendezvous in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. This is primarily a tent and bonfire adventure mixed with home-style grub at our cast iron cookout, kumbaya moments and hopefully someone will pack a guitar or flute. Yeah, it’s gonna get a little hippy-dippy and sometimes down and dirty but that’s the old school way. Keepin’ it real.

The Rendezvous  is an old school motorcycle campout and meet up with no frills. Just the open road, new old friends and great eats at our cast iron cookout. We have added one modern twist…The Hill Country Scramble. ALL bikes are welcome. Campground fees are posted on the registration page. 

Bonus! The weather is going to rock and the wildflowers will still be in full force. With enough roads for everyone, there’s no excuse. 

Ladies…love the camp out but need to plug in? There are modern facilities with decent showers.

Sunny Days

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 3.54.52 PMSo I am stoked that Accuweather has given us the thumbs up. Really a little rain won’t stop us this Rendezvous. It will be cool enough at night for our fires, bike games and dirty bike show. So the question now is if you are geared up for the event?

You can get some water from us but bring some spending money. There are several events going on that same weekend that are worth seeing.

Thursday, October 18, 2018
Spyders in the Hills Rally – The Pavilion Food Park and Event Center – Boerne – all day
Oxford Ranch Rendezous — Early Arrivals — Cast Iron Cookout — 5 pm start

Friday, October 19, 2018
Spyders in the Hills Rally – The Pavilion Food Park and Event Center – Boerne – all day
Western Trappings on the Llano – Llano County Museum – Llano
Friday Afternoon Picker Circle w/Hayden Whittington – Luckenbach – 1p-4p
The 16th Annual Harvest Classic Rally — Luckenbach – all day
Oxford Ranch Rendezous — Oxford Ranch Campground — all day/night 

Saturday, October 20, 2018
Spyders in the Hills Rally – The Pavilion Food Park and Event Center – Boerne – all day
Western Trappings on the Llano – Llano County Museum – Llano
Texas Gun & Knife Show – Kerr County Hill Country Youth Event Center – Kerrville – 9a-5p
The 16th Annual Harvest Classic Rally — Luckenbach – all day
Oxford Ranch Rendezous — Oxford Ranch Campground — all day/night

Thinking outside the box…

Javelina  Javelina Harley Davidson sits a few miles out of the San Antonio area in Boerne, Texas, but has made huge strides in being bigger and more accessible than other HD dealerships. You might say that they are big thinkers, but I know it takes an innovative team to make Javelina more than a household name. Javelina Harley Davidson has made huge strides in tapping in to various markets by partnering up and supporting a variety of events.

Let’s start with the marketing and events planning team. Javelina has agreed to support my local event that is outside their area. Risky? Of course. New event, no proof of success, and no idea what to expect from the Rendezvous. All of these are valid reasons for a supporter or partner to run in the opposite direction. Yet without hesitation the team made it happen and we are excited to have Javelina Harley Davidson on board. After all, if we are about vintage and hippie, HD should be there to represent.

Today I am giving my Kudo’s award to Javelina Harley Davidson for thinking outside
the box. The Oxford Ranch Rendezvous was not the original vision but as the Ramble unraveled, I found the keywords to describe my vision. The Rendezvous has to be Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 8.16.54 AMabout the biker, the ride and the star of the show ….. The Texas Hill Country! And, of course, my favorite tag line – “A time to make new old friends.”

Javelina has offered to support our event by providing goodies for the goodie bags. We won’t have goody bags. Maybe some HEB Texas Tough bags to keep things waterproof. All in all, we want Javelina to be as much a part of the event. Your take-aways will be beyond the material for sure as we ride in to a new era with our Rendezvous.

Join us and meet the Rendezvous crew at Javelina, September 15!


“Cruise on in to Javelina Harley-Davidson for our Rockabilly Rumble. We will have a car and bike show, pinup girls, a tattoo contest, your favorite vendors, and live music. Judging for Car & Bike Show will begin at 2pm and winners will be announced at 3pm. Categories for Car Show will include: Hot Rod, Muscle, and Rat Rod. Categories for Bike Show will include: Loudest Pipes, Best of Show, and Peoples Choice. Tattoo Contest & Pinup Contest will begin at 1pm. Plus, while you’re here enter to win a $150 gift card!! So come on out and spend your weekend with us!!


Staying off the main roads…


This weekend was about the roads. Back roads, dead ends, seemingly simple roads that twist in to adventure rides and then some. Where I sit with bike balanced under me, every day you have a chance to go down an unexpected road that will lead you to discovery, adventure and enlightenment. ‘Cause really it’s about you. Riding is a personal experience, but having others around you who get what you are saying is 100% community.

With that said I have begun work on the maps. Yes, there will be routes for dual, cruiser and adventurous cruisers like my Honda and me. You will have some odd low water crossings, places to cool off and moments you know you have to stop and take a pic. Don’t forget to #oxfordranchrendezous or tag @texashillcountrybiker. Sharing is caring!

IMG_6215Really, yesterday was not a day for epiphanies but definitely for some possible outcomes for the Rendezvous routes. After all my goal is not to be famous, but to help change how you, the rider, view the world. My favorite inquiry was if I would have rides for dual sport. Of course. The Hill Country is a playground. You may have some dead ends, but take a camera. Be prepared to turn around too. Because the ride is just beginning.

As the weeks get closer to the Oxford Ranch Rendezvous I will release maps, suggested ways to get to us, and more details on the Rendezvous. Be a part of the journey and make Oxford Ranch Campground your destination.



What Inspires Us…



Open Roads…Community…Campfires.

Three years ago when we started working on this non-event, we looked to our inspirations…the innovators, the adventurers and the newbies. The visionaries who put the parts together and created a two wheel odyssey for the few of us brave enough to flick that kicks stand up and roll forward. I couldn’t think of a better way to lose a few hours than in the Texas Hill Country.

As the roads were carved out it was as if they were made for the adventurers. Cagers and bikers alike take to the back roads weekly in search of the hidden byway or viewpoint. We pray for optimal weather and some clouds in the sky to soften the vast landscapes under pressure from the hot Texas sun. We search out alcoves, secret low water crossings and shade trees to hang out under.

IMG_2452We are returning to the simpler, goofier times of the biker life when bike games were about skills and campfires were meant for community. After a long days ride experiencing the challenges and outside events, you will want to kick off your boots.

This event is not for the city folk. You can get your fancy coffee in town, but we serve it up black and you can add your fixin’s. We won’t cut you loose without your breakfast tacos. It’s a Texas thing and you may just be one taco away from your Texas citizenship. We can help!

Ride ideas? We have you covered. We will have ride maps available October 1st so you can plan your group rides or get a birds eye view of how our brains work. Believe me. We take our cruisers on dirt roads too.


The F-A-Q-s


Oxford Ranch Rendezvous, formally known as Back Roads Ramble, is getting warmed up as we gather coordinates, bring in partners and supporters plus get y’all revved up for a new kind of motorcycle meet up in the Texas Hill Country. If I was asked to give three keywords to this event, they would be:


It can’t be all about the ride and then we book up live music, carnival acts and vendors to keep you at the Rendezvous. Instead, we’re going to chill the water, wrap up the breakfast tacos good and get you on the road! You can experience the Texas Hill Country in so many ways:

Attend local nearby events: Llano Bbq Cook Off – Harvest Classic – Wineries – Bandera!

Ride Familiar Roads: Twisted Sisters, Luchenbach Loop, Lake Buchanan via Marble Falls

Hoping to see our schedule? We’re taking a page out of Texas Iron‘s book, another awesome biker for biker event. Here’s what we think is going to happen:

Thursday “early arrivals”: Just camping and campfires
Friday “arrivals”: REVER CHALLENGE starts, bike games, dinner, live music unplugged, byob, meet ‘n’ greet, fires lit, big bright stars and moon, good times…
Saturday: REVER CHALLENGE ends 5 pm, dirty bike show 5 pm, dinner, bike games, music jam / live music unplugged, byob, fires lit, big bright stars and moon, good times…Demo bikes TBD (more on that later!)
Sunday: Proper Cowboy Breakfast to send you off, 9 am.

The Rendezvous or Ramble, if you will, is a page out of history when bikers road long distances to meet up, make new old friends, get a little crazy and get back out to ride. Llano is at the heart of the north side of the Texas Hill Country. AND, there’s a road for every type of rider!

Dirt Biker? Oxford Ranch has plenty of playground!

Quick thank you to our current Partners and Supporters: Butler Maps, Rever, Alamo Cycleplex, Attention to Detail, Fat Boyz Sandwich Shop, Women’s Motorcycle Tours, Javelina Harley Davidson, Texas Iron Rally, Roadhouse Rallies and more to come ✌🏼

*Pay at the gate is cash only to Debbie or CC through ORR, $8 per night. You can rent a campsite through ORR at the online registration page. This is in addition to the $8 per night. We will have Square® on site for CC users too.


The Rever Challenge

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 4.41.18 PMIn 8 months the Texas Hill Country is going to be woken up with a new kind of motorcycle event that takes place on Oxford Ranch Campground, a private 160 acre ranch just 15 minutes south of Llano, Texas. In an attempt to keep this event a tried and true rendezvous, Oxford Ranch Rendezvous will be all about the ride. No vendors, no amped up stages with noisy bands, no B.S.

What you can expect is a community campfire, a nightly cast iron cookout during the BM_Logo_Red_Ovalevent, complimentary breakfast tacos, two types of mileage challenges, old school and the Rever challenge, music, some goofy bike games, and a camp-out atmosphere fit for any type of motorcycle enthusiast.

Let’s talk about Rever, though. Rever and Butler Maps are probably the best motorcycle guides out there. Butler Maps have intense research behind them and even the advanced riders can find a hundred ways to re-invent the ride here in the Texas Hill Country. What about the new-school riders who love the old-school vibe? Rever has us revved up about our ORR Challenge that will be part scavenger hunt, part adventure, part intuitive…well, you get the picture. It’s gonna change the way we look at our experience at a motorcycle event.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 8.56.51 PMBefore you arrive you will need to know two things: how to download your Rever app and who you’re gonna ride with (unless if you are one of those lone wolf types). When you check in, you will have a chance to check in for the Rever OR Old School Challenge. Old School is all about the miles you rack up and there will be different rules. Winners of the Rever Challenge and the Old School Odometer Challenge will be announced Saturday evening at the community campfire. Prizes are gonna rock!

Soon it will be time to get those bikes out, check the tires, oil and top off the fuel. Need a campsite set up? We have that covered! Challenge on! – Registration will open August 1!