Taking things back a notch and bring us back to when bikers were for bikers. In a world filled with organ grinders and carnies, I choose to build an event that is by bikers for bikers. If you need the hoopla then this may not be your thang. We are about the open road, the campfire evenings, good eats and good friends. Throw your beers on ice, set back and join us this September for another Rendezvous Redo. Rain or shine.

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As founder of the Rendezvous I have several years under my belt working with and/or for Biker Rallies of Texas, Roadhouse Rallies of Texas and various smaller rallies. The Rendezvous is my baby and has grown from a love for the open road, cast iron, campfires and the camaraderie. In a world of cookie cutter events, we strive to be a laid-back and more back-to-the-roots meet up. This is why we don’t have vendors at the event. Our live music is unplugged. Food is cooked at the campfire. Ice chests are filled up. The Rendezvous is a bonafide grassroots motorcycle meetup.

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