Staying off the main roads…


This weekend was about the roads. Back roads, dead ends, seemingly simple roads that twist in to adventure rides and then some. Where I sit with bike balanced under me, every day you have a chance to go down an unexpected road that will lead you to discovery, adventure and enlightenment. ‘Cause really it’s about you. Riding is a personal experience, but having others around you who get what you are saying is 100% community.

With that said I have begun work on the maps. Yes, there will be routes for dual, cruiser and adventurous cruisers like my Honda and me. You will have some odd low water crossings, places to cool off and moments you know you have to stop and take a pic. Don’t forget to #oxfordranchrendezous or tag @texashillcountrybiker. Sharing is caring!

IMG_6215Really, yesterday was not a day for epiphanies but definitely for some possible outcomes for the Rendezvous routes. After all my goal is not to be famous, but to help change how you, the rider, view the world. My favorite inquiry was if I would have rides for dual sport. Of course. The Hill Country is a playground. You may have some dead ends, but take a camera. Be prepared to turn around too. Because the ride is just beginning.

As the weeks get closer to the Oxford Ranch Rendezvous I will release maps, suggested ways to get to us, and more details on the Rendezvous. Be a part of the journey and make Oxford Ranch Campground your destination.



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