What Inspires Us…



Open Roads…Community…Campfires.

Three years ago when we started working on this non-event, we looked to our inspirations…the innovators, the adventurers and the newbies. The visionaries who put the parts together and created a two wheel odyssey for the few of us brave enough to flick that kicks stand up and roll forward. I couldn’t think of a better way to lose a few hours than in the Texas Hill Country.

As the roads were carved out it was as if they were made for the adventurers. Cagers and bikers alike take to the back roads weekly in search of the hidden byway or viewpoint. We pray for optimal weather and some clouds in the sky to soften the vast landscapes under pressure from the hot Texas sun. We search out alcoves, secret low water crossings and shade trees to hang out under.

IMG_2452We are returning to the simpler, goofier times of the biker life when bike games were about skills and campfires were meant for community. After a long days ride experiencing the challenges and outside events, you will want to kick off your boots.

This event is not for the city folk. You can get your fancy coffee in town, but we serve it up black and you can add your fixin’s. We won’t cut you loose without your breakfast tacos. It’s a Texas thing and you may just be one taco away from your Texas citizenship. We can help!

Ride ideas? We have you covered. We will have ride maps available October 1st so you can plan your group rides or get a birds eye view of how our brains work. Believe me. We take our cruisers on dirt roads too.


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