The F-A-Q-s


Oxford Ranch Rendezvous, formally known as Back Roads Ramble, is getting warmed up as we gather coordinates, bring in partners and supporters plus get y’all revved up for a new kind of motorcycle meet up in the Texas Hill Country. If I was asked to give three keywords to this event, they would be:


It can’t be all about the ride and then we book up live music, carnival acts and vendors to keep you at the Rendezvous. Instead, we’re going to chill the water, wrap up the breakfast tacos good and get you on the road! You can experience the Texas Hill Country in so many ways:

Attend local nearby events: Llano Bbq Cook Off – Harvest Classic – Wineries – Bandera!

Ride Familiar Roads: Twisted Sisters, Luchenbach Loop, Lake Buchanan via Marble Falls

Hoping to see our schedule? We’re taking a page out of Texas Iron‘s book, another awesome biker for biker event. Here’s what we think is going to happen:

Thursday “early arrivals”: Just camping and campfires
Friday “arrivals”: REVER CHALLENGE starts, bike games, dinner, live music unplugged, byob, meet ‘n’ greet, fires lit, big bright stars and moon, good times…
Saturday: REVER CHALLENGE ends 5 pm, dirty bike show 5 pm, dinner, bike games, music jam / live music unplugged, byob, fires lit, big bright stars and moon, good times…Demo bikes TBD (more on that later!)
Sunday: Proper Cowboy Breakfast to send you off, 9 am.

The Rendezvous or Ramble, if you will, is a page out of history when bikers road long distances to meet up, make new old friends, get a little crazy and get back out to ride. Llano is at the heart of the north side of the Texas Hill Country. AND, there’s a road for every type of rider!

Dirt Biker? Oxford Ranch has plenty of playground!

Quick thank you to our current Partners and Supporters: Butler Maps, Rever, Alamo Cycleplex, Attention to Detail, Fat Boyz Sandwich Shop, Women’s Motorcycle Tours, Javelina Harley Davidson, Texas Iron Rally, Roadhouse Rallies and more to come ✌🏼

*Pay at the gate is cash only to Debbie or CC through ORR, $8 per night. You can rent a campsite through ORR at the online registration page. This is in addition to the $8 per night. We will have Square® on site for CC users too.


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