The Rever Challenge

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 4.41.18 PMIn 8 months the Texas Hill Country is going to be woken up with a new kind of motorcycle event that takes place on Oxford Ranch Campground, a private 160 acre ranch just 15 minutes south of Llano, Texas. In an attempt to keep this event a tried and true rendezvous, Oxford Ranch Rendezvous will be all about the ride. No vendors, no amped up stages with noisy bands, no B.S.

What you can expect is a community campfire, a nightly cast iron cookout during the BM_Logo_Red_Ovalevent, complimentary breakfast tacos, two types of mileage challenges, old school and the Rever challenge, music, some goofy bike games, and a camp-out atmosphere fit for any type of motorcycle enthusiast.

Let’s talk about Rever, though. Rever and Butler Maps are probably the best motorcycle guides out there. Butler Maps have intense research behind them and even the advanced riders can find a hundred ways to re-invent the ride here in the Texas Hill Country. What about the new-school riders who love the old-school vibe? Rever has us revved up about our ORR Challenge that will be part scavenger hunt, part adventure, part intuitive…well, you get the picture. It’s gonna change the way we look at our experience at a motorcycle event.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 8.56.51 PMBefore you arrive you will need to know two things: how to download your Rever app and who you’re gonna ride with (unless if you are one of those lone wolf types). When you check in, you will have a chance to check in for the Rever OR Old School Challenge. Old School is all about the miles you rack up and there will be different rules. Winners of the Rever Challenge and the Old School Odometer Challenge will be announced Saturday evening at the community campfire. Prizes are gonna rock!

Soon it will be time to get those bikes out, check the tires, oil and top off the fuel. Need a campsite set up? We have that covered! Challenge on! – Registration will open August 1!

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