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September 23-26, 2021

The Rendezvous  is an old-school, no frills motorcycle campout and meet up. Enjoy the open road, hang back and hang out, great eats at our cast iron cookout. Registration is not required because this t’ain’t a rally 🧐

Live music is unplugged and we let the moon and stars light up the stage (along with a half dozen old lanterns).

We have added one modern twist…The Hill Country Scramble, a REVER mileage challenge. ALL bikes are welcome.

Campground fees are posted on the registration page. It’s $8 a day to the campground and $8 per meal (optional). So if you are eatin’, stayin’ and playin’ please make sure you are payin.’

Ladies…love the camp out but need to plug in? There are modern facilities with decent showers.